What Martial Arts Did Bruce Lee Study?

Bruce Lee is probably the most famous and influential martial artist ever. He studied many different martial arts, some more in depth than others, before he created his own mixed system of jeet kune do. Here is a brief list of some of the martial arts he practiced:

1. Wing Chun – This is the art Bruce was most familiar with. He began learning it during his teenage years in Hong Kong and studied under the famous grandmaster Ip Man (also known as Yip Man).  After the famous fight with Wong Jack Man he began to see the flaws in Wing Chun and began modifying it, which was the start if jeet kune do.

2. Boxing – Believe it or not, but Bruce Lee was a pretty good boxer. He defeated an amateur boxing champion called Gary Elms in Hong Kong. Bruce later incorporated several techniques from boxing into jeet kune do.

3. Fencing – Bruce Lee learned fencing from his brother and also studied several books on the subject. He liked many of the concepts of this art and incorporated them into jeet kune do. Even in his movie fights you can detect some influence from fencing.

4.Taekwondo – Lee was a close friend of American taekwondo pioneer Jhoon Rhee. According to Rhee, Bruce Lee did not know many kicks before they met. Most of the spectacular kicks in his movies were taught to him by the Korean master.

5. Judo – Bruce Lee met famous judo pioneer and stuntman Gene Lebell on the set of the tv series The Green Hornet.  They became friends and began sharing martial arts knowledge. According to Lebell he taught Lee the armbar that appears in Enter the Dragon.

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